Chrisean Rock has claimed that Blueface wanted her to be his slave and said it was the driving force behind their recent breakup.

Chrisean Rock Claims Blueface Acted Like a Pimp Daddy

Chrisean Rock sat down for an interview with The Jason Lee Show on Thursday (Nov. 2), and clarified early on in the interview that she and Blueface were "never really together like that." She said the contentious couple ultimately went their separate ways because Rock felt she couldn't give Blueface what he wanted, which was to be his "slave."

"We was in love," Rock clarified at the 8:50 mark in the video below. "It was just more like I couldn't really give him what he wanted. He wanted a slave.

Rock went on to say that at first she and Blueface were loyal to each other, but then slowly the Los Angeles rapper began to step out and cheat. This prompted Rock to flirtatiously engage with other men herself.

"I be reciprocating the same energy as him, and it doesn't work when a n***a from L.A. He get pimp daddy vibes," Rock continued. "'I'm the daddy I do what I do and you just, you gonna suck my d**k or what? You gonna get me the money or what?'"

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Chrisean Rock Recounts Contentious Encounter With Coi Leray

Elsewhere in the lengthy interview with Jason Lee, Chrisean Rock also said she nearly got into a scuffle with Coi Leray earlier this year. Rock said she grew agitated with Leray after she allegedly tried to get with Blueface and never followed through on a guest verse for a song. Chrisean said she then came face-to-face with Coi while on a tour bus with GloRilla earlier this year while Chrisean was still pregnant.

"[Coi] in everybody face," Chrisean said. "She know we not cool. You can ask anybody that was right there. N***a, I took out my phone, I'll buy a new one, I threw that b***h at her face...She just wanna sit in my face and smile. I ain't know what it was. But I didn't give a f**k what it was."

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See Chrisean Rock speak about Blueface in the interview below.

Watch Chrisean Rock's Interview on The Jason Lee Show

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