This past October, Blu & Exile dropped off In the Beginning: Before the Heavens, an aptly titled prequel album for their decade-old West Coast boom bap classic, Below the Heavens. Now, they've just delivered a new lyric video for "Sold the Soul," a track that finds Blu reflecting on his own internal battle against materialism.

In the animated new Unjust-directed video, cartoon Blu whips a flossy car, rocks gold chains and enjoys the spoils of being a then-burgeoning rap star when he's confronted by his inner self, his soul, who's wearing a blue pair of angel wings.

"See there's things I can do without you...I can ride in fancy cars, I can talk to broads/And I can live in a mansion and look handsome—and even be friends with Nick Cannon," Blu spits to his soul, dismissing the idea that he's got anything to prove. For his part, Blu's soul offers up a solid counterpoint.

"I can dance amongst the stars at night/I can stand beside the sun and shine/I can move with the moon, and soon, I'll be able to fly with you," Blu's "soul" spits. Sounds pretty legit, honestly. As Blu's having his dialogue with his soul, the two ascend into the sky as some of the lyrics from the song foat across the screen.

Watch the lyric video for "Sold the Soul" below. Listen to Blu & Exile's "Christmas Missed Us" when you're done with that.

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