Bhad Bhabie is catching major heat for comments she recently made while on Instagram Live.

On Tuesday (April 14), video footage surfaced of Bhabie on IG Live addressing claims that she tries to act like she is Black. In the midst of her explanation, the rapper compares herself to the Disney character Tarzan, which is also the title of the film that is based on a child raised in an African jungle by apes.

"And then another thing I'd like to say is, y'all say that I try to be Black because I...and maybe a reason in me trying to be Black is 'cause I grew up in the hood. Tarzan, right? The story of Tarzan," the rapper said in a screen recording of her live stream, which cuts off prior to diving into the comparison of her and Tarzan.

Bhad Bhabie hopped on IG Live after posting a video of herself to her Instagram page Monday night (April 13), which received a comment from someone claiming the rapper wants to be "mixed." "Lol you wanna be mixed w something so bad," the person commented. Bhabie later replied, "My mother and sperm donor."

@bhadbhabie via Instagram
bhadbhabie via Instagram

The clip from Bhad Bhabie's IG Live has received a number of reactions from people offended by her comments, and others who have criticized her comparison.

"People actually trying to defend Bhad bhabie after she compare being in the hood with black people = Tarzan growing up in the jungle with gorillas ?? Y'all this is SO racist. It's doesn't matter what she was trying to say, it matters what she said. Stop enabling and defending her," one person tweeted.

"I know bhad bhabie did not jus compare her life to Tarzan... I jus know she didn’t," said another Twitter user.

A third person wrote, "Bhad bhabie comparing herself growing up in the hood to Tarzan being raised by gorillas..... If this doesnt wake y’all up I don’t know what will."

This isn't the first time Bhad Bhabie has been involved in controversy. In February, the rapper threatened actress Skai Jackson on Instagram Live, calling her "a Disney thot." She also alleged that Jackson was "moving sneaky."

"I wanna know why every time I'm seen with a dude, bitches wanna get all up on they page?" Bhabie said. "The bitch is a huge fan! You're a whole fan! She’s moving sneaky bro! Don’t go post about me on your fake page, bitch. If you got something to say about me, post it on your page. Show me you fucking bold! The bitch got me blocked on Instagram, blocked on Twitter, all type of shit. Like bitch, grow up!"

The rapper later threatened to "kill" Jackson, to which the actress responded by reportedly filing a restraining order.

XXL has reached out to a rep for Bhad Bhabie for comment.

See reactions to Bhabie's IG Live comments below.

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