Bang Em Smurf, a former G-Unit affiliate, isn't buying the Gorilla Unit reunion. According to Smurf, the Unit is no longer a marketable brand and 50 Cent has burned too many bridges in the industry for him and his crew to ever recover--as evidenced by the low sales of Animal Ambition.

 "[The reunion] ain't gonna work," said Smurf. "It ain't gonna last. It ain't gonna get no money, cause they ain't selling no more units. 50's Animal Ambition just dropped some weeks ago, and he flopped. Once he flops, then G-Unit is gonna flop even extra hard."

According to Bang Em Smurf, the other members of G-Unit ran back to 50 Cent because they were broke. "At the end of the day, they money getting low," said Smurf. "So they had no choice but to run back to 50 because 50 got them in contracts and he won't let them out. Remember at the end of the day the industry don't fuck with 50 and these niggas no more."

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[Mikey T The Movie Star]

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