Bali Baby serves up a grisly, horror film-esque new visual for "Few Things," a cut from her forthcoming Baylor Swift project.

In the Damien Aku-directed video, which features some purposely grainy footage, it appears that Bali's been attacked and robbed. From there, we see shots of her sitting down and smoking some tree before seemingly exacting her revenge later on. It's an interesting video for a song that's ostensibly about a really bad break up.

The song is a melodic one that finds Bali crooning about a fractured romance. "There’s a few things I know, for sure/Ah, and one of them is loving you is way too hard/I used to want, to give you everything/But you took it all, I question everything/For you, there’s a few things I know," Bali croons on the Chicken-produced new tune.

Bali Baby has been up to some big things over the last several months, which have seen her career reach crazy new heights. Speaking with XXL for The Break a few weeks back, she revealed some of the music she listened to growing up. While she didn't listen to too much hip-hop in the early going, she did rock with one particular rap superstar.

“[As far as female rappers], Nicki Minaj, that’s it," she explained. "I couldn’t listen to Lil Kim or Trina ’cause it was a whole lot of ‘I’ma suck this…’ That wasn’t me. Nicki Minaj has other stuff, she doesn’t just talk about that. So I rock with her.”

Watch "Few Things" below.

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