First it was Iggy Azalea, then T.I. and now Lil Kim.

Azealia Banks blasted Lil Kim on Twitter this past weekend, claiming the Queen Bee brushed her off.

"It really sucks when someone you respect and admire is trying to act brand new when all u did was reach out and try to work..,” Banks tweeted on Saturday (May 5). “I can’t lie.. My little feelings are hurt. Women are so petty…. But whatever… Your loss.. Not mine.”

What started as a subliminal tweet would become more direct the next day, when Banks alleged that she wrote a verse for Kim that the Queen Bee’s camp didn’t take too well to.

“Okay so true tea is that Lil Kim got mad that I wrote a verse for her on a record I wanted her on,” Banks tweeted out on Sunday (May 6). “Everyone knows Lil Kim doesn’t write her own raps and I saw this as a faster more efficient way of getting the track done. She then had her assistant write me some long ass offensive email about how Lil Kim writes her own raps and doesn’t need anyone’s help.

“So….. My question was and is still… IS SHE DOING THE TRACK?” the feisty Banks continued. “Who cares about what you use to do…. WILL YOU DO THE TRACK??! All this extra sh-t is stupid. Keep closing your own doors ma. @lilkim. There is no beef. At all.”

Meanwhile, Kim’s camp sent a statement to AllHipHop refuting any type of beef between the female MCs, adding that the two never even met.

“Kim was actually very flattered azealia’s public admiration for her, which is why it’s so hard to understand how someone who claims to be a true Lil Kim fan could flip the script so easily on someone who was supposedly their idol,” Kims reps told “It is also VERY interesting that NO ONE from her team made any attempts to reach out to anyone from our team to voice any concerns or problems that they may have had. I have NEVER heard of anyone having a conflict with someone they have NEVER met with or personally spoke with. We have no idea what they are referencing and have no desire to discuss the matter any further as there is nothing to talk about.”

Reading Kim’s statement only prompted Banks to fire off more tweets in a rant.

“@LilKim you DO know that YOUR management where the ones who said u needed us to write a reference verse in the first place .. Right?” the Yung Rapunxel tweeted. “BUT I BETTER NOT HEAR NONE OF MY LYRICS ON YA RECORDS MA! I WILL SUE DAT AZZZZZ! @LilKim u can still use the verse of you want.. Or feel free to write your own. But you should really do the verse.”

Banks’ latest Twitter rant aimed at Kim ended with perhaps the young Harlem rhymespitter having a change of heart.

“Lol all bullshit aside I’m here for this $$$$$$$$$$$. Let’s get it … Why not?,” she added. “@LilKim YOU KNOW YOU WANT TOOOOO @LilKim COMAAAAAAAAAAAAAHN!”—Jakinder Singh


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