A surveillance video has surfaced in which A$AP Rocky is shown appearing to hold a gun right before allegedly shooting A$AP Relli. The video was shown during a court hearing to decide whether Rocky will stand trial today.

A$AP Rocky Holding Gun in Video of Assault?

On Monday (Nov. 20), A$AP Rocky appeared in Los Angeles court to learn whether or not charges would be dropped in his 2022 assault with a deadly weapon case. During the hearing, Los Angeles Police Department detective Frank Flores shared video that appears to show the altercation between the rapper and A$AP Relli that led up to the shooting. In the video, authorities claim the Harlem, N.Y. rapper is holding a firearm.

In the clip, which was obtained by TMZ and can be seen below, a person who is identified as Rocky and another man, presumably Relli, begin to tussle. A man who looks to be A$AP Illz steps in between the two men to break things up. When Rocky returns on screen, he is holding what appears to be a handgun behind his back. Another angle of the aftermath shows men running from the scene. Audio was also played. In it, three gunshots can be heard.

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A$AP Rocky to Stand Trial in A$AP Relli Shooting

At the conclusion of today's hearing, a judge decided the prosecution provided enough evidence to prove probable cause to charge Rocky with two counts of first-degree assault with a firearm. He will now stand trial for the alleged shooting of A$AP Relli. His next court date is scheduled for Jan. 8, 2024.

A$AP Rocky's attorney Joe Tacopina is confident his client will come out victorious in trial.

"There's some evidence that’s going to be insurmountable," Tacopina told reporters outside the courthouse on Monday. "The witness is not going to be able to withstand cross-examination in front of the jury."

The Alleged Shooting Incident

A$AP Rocky was arrested back in April of 2022, in connection with the shooting, which took place in November of 2021. He was charged with assault with a deadly weapon. A$AP Relli told police Rocky convinced him to meet up in Hollywood, Calif. to discuss a dispute. During the meeting outside a hotel, an argument ensued and Relli claimed Rocky threatened to shoot him before firing multiple shots, one of which grazed Relli on his hand.


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See video of A$AP Rocky appearing to hold a gun right before allegedly shooting A$AP Relli below.

See Surveillance Video of the A$AP Relli Shooting Presented in Court

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