A$AP Yams' recent death due to yet to be publicized causes has been a gut punch to the hip-hop community. No doubt, nobody in the rap world is taking the passing harder than his A$AP Mob family. The Harlem outfit has received support and kind words from a number of MCs, but are understandably going through tough times. A$AP Rocky in particular has had to tough it out through a number of recent appearances as he promotes his new film Dope and performs at different venues. Billboard recently caught up with the A$AP front man following a show in Park City, Utah where he touched on how Yams' death has affected his life recently.

"That performance -- that was just going to stop me from crying," Rocky said. "I had to address it, because the whole time I was rapping and I wasn't into it, which is sad, but I just gotta keep it real. I can't front. It's even harder knowing that I gotta fly out in less than an hour just to go bury him. That's the part that eats at me."

The Harlem rapper once again denied the speculation Yams' death was caused by an overdose. "People were saying that Yams overdosed on drugs -- he didn't overdose on any drugs," he said. "I feel like people feel that way because that's all he's in pictures doing. When you see A$AP Yams you see Hennessey or purple drink, you see some type of controlled substance or illegal narcotic."

As previously reported, Yams was found unconscious by his roommate early Sunday (Jan. 18) morning. He was transported to Brookyln’s Woodhull Medical Center where he was later pronounced dead. There were no signs of trauma and a cause of death is pending an autopsy report.

Rocky also revealed Yams is the co-executive producer on his forthcoming album. But it will take some time to get past his homies death. "I'm a happy spirit, man, and I feel like time heals," he said. "It's all about good people with good energy, and the universe keeps producing them to me. I'll be fine."

[via Billboard]