A$AP Rocky season is upon us. After teaming up with rock band Thirty Seconds to Mars, Flacko shares his latest track, "Bad Company" featuring BlocBoy JB.

Produced by Kintaro and Ricci Riera, "Bad Company" features an up-tempo beat as Rocky and BlocBoy take aim at their haters. "When I say I got beef, they don't want no beef/When they say they got beef, they don't wanna eat/If he said he wants smoke, they don't want no steam," the A$AP Mob rapper spits.

With no hook in between, BlocBoy follows up right after Rocky's verse, rapping, "My shooters got good aim, you know I brought them shottas with me/Might have hit a bad stain, they say that someone top was missin'/Them niggas were opposition/They move wrong, so I shot them bitches."

"Bad Company" follows Rocky's previously released tracks "Five Stars," "Above" and "Money Bags Freestyle." During a February concert in Berlin, Germany Flacko confirmed the completion of his third studio album. "A lotta y'all don't know but, the only reason I came to Berlin is to finish my album that I just finished," he told the crowd.

While the project doesn't have a release date yet, Rocky has spoken about what fans can expect to hear on the album. "This new album is just basically like all my albums: evolved," he said during an interview with the London Evening Standard. "They’ve been missing me, they’ve been waiting for me, they need some new music, they need some new sounds, new waves, new swag, new everything."

Listen to "Bad Company" below.

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