The A$AP Mob is carrying the torch on A$AP Yams' Cozy Tapes Vol. 1. Conceived before the A$AP member's untimely death, the compilation project has now been completed.  Today, we get the newest track off the project "Crazy Brazy" featuring A$AP Rocky, A$AP Twelvyy and Atlanta rapper Key!

Produced by Wavy Wallace, the uptempo beat is perfect for the turn up.

Rocky and Key snap on the track, trading bars on the chorus and first two verses going back and forth in four and eight bar sets. "I don't want no conversation/I don't need explanation/Shoot with no hesitation/They do it for a reputation/They don't play me on the station/Press 'em like detonation/Want more jelly than a Mason/Man I'm rocky like a caveman," Rocky raps followed by Key! spitting, "We rock I'm a rockstar/Try to cuff me like a cop car/Try to play me like a popstar/That's how you get not far."

Twelvyy finishes off the track, riding the wave. "Hundred thousand dollar nightmare/If I wanna take a flight there/Man fuck it spend a life here/Young thuggin is a night years/Bicken Back Being Bool, baby/Layin' back by the pool, baby/Bumpin' that shit too wavy/Counting stacks shit too brazy," he raps.

Yesterday (Sept. 30), it was revealed the Rocky had been named the creative director of MTV Labs. To celebrate the partnership, Rocky performed never-before-heard tracks including "Crazy Brazy" at MTV’s Times Square studio (below).

Listen to "Crazy Brazy," above.

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