Courvoisier Cognac has joined forces with A$AP Rocky this summer to launch a brand new campaign titled: Honor Your Code.

Joining the Courvoisier team as a brand ambassador, the Harlem rapper will appear in a number of video and print campaigns for the premium cognac, while also hosting exclusive experiences nationwide. Considered one of the leader’s of the youth generation, A$AP Rocky was selected by Courvoisier for the campaign because of his influence, ambition and creative vision. “I think your code is equivalent to your standards and your morals. It's whatever you believe in. And you should always stand by and honor what you believe in," says A$AP Rocky. “Courvoisier’s commitment to quality, old-school production methods, design and art speaks to me.”

The partnership between Rocky and Courvoisier is the very first between both entities, who look to push the message of drive and ambition. According to Gary Ross, vice president of Beam Suntory World Spirits, Rocky was the perfect candidate for the campaign, “As a creator, A$AP Rocky embodies the progressive ideals and bold artistry on which Courvoisier was founded, making him an ideal partner for the brand.”

Look for the Honor Your Code campaign to start popping up in the days to come. For more information on the partnership check out

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