Popular album review YouTuber Anthony Fantano is calling Kanye West's Vultures 1 album "unreviewable trash."

Anthony Fantano Goes In About New Ye Album

On Monday (Feb. 12), Anthony Fantano, of the YouTube channel TheNeedleDrop, put out his highly anticipated Vultures 1 review. Fantano didn't hold back on his disdain for the project and Kanye as a person.

"This is completely unreviewable trash," he begins. Fantano then goes off about Ye's recent anti-Semitic antics and how it has affected his music.

"Now, there are some people who will say, 'Anthony, you're being unfair here. Separate the art from the artist, come on'," he continues. "You can't separate this crap from the music because it's in the music. Look at the lyrics. Read these words. They have meaning and they are saying things that are not good or normal. You would have to expect me to separate my brain from my skull if you think I'm gonna just ignore it."

"There is so little to praise on this record," he adds. "And if Kanye's delusional fans are not hearing that this record is awful on its face, as they kinda listen to it by themselves, nothing I'm gonna say is gonna convince them."

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Anthony Fantano's Viral Gunna Album Rating

Anthony Fantano gives his brutally honest opinion on albums. Last summer, his review of Gunna's A Gift & A Curse album went viral when he rated to LP a one out of 10.

"I have no earthly idea why [Gunna] thinks the material on this record is going to be convincing to anybody who is that deeply invested in snitching and not snitching," Fantano wondered in his YouTube review of the album. "This whole song and dance of 'feel bad for me, I didn't say anything. Oh my God, I'm the one bad things are happening to,' is so pitiful it's sickening."

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See video of Anthony Fantano calling Kanye West's Vultures 1 album "unreviewable trash" below.

Watch Anthony Fantano's Vultures 1 Review

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