Andre 3000's introverted personality has been the gift and the curse for his musical career. On one hand, he has produced some of the dopest rhymes in recent memory. On the other hand, he keeps fans yearning for more than he is willing to give. Currently on mega run of OutKast reunion shows, the Atlanta legend recently sat down for an interview with Fader and discussed his return to the spotlight.

"Sometimes when you play characters or you put yourself outside yourself, it gives you a freedom to be something else," he said about being able to step outside himself as his rap persona. "It's just fun, too, especially if you're not like a really outgoing person. It's funny: my personality is really not a performer's personality. I have to really work at being a performer. I grew up an only child, no brothers and sisters, so I basically played by myself."

Benjamin went on to say despite being in one of the most well-known rap groups of all time, he prefers the regular life, which has led to his reclusive nature. "I think part of the reason people get the mysterious thing from me is just, I'm an entertainer and there's certain parts about that I like and certain parts I don't," said 3 Stacks. "The only thing I have to keep to myself is my personal. You have to hold something. I've never had any kind of social media and I like it that way, because I need to have something. I like washing my own clothes. I like going to the grocery store myself. I never wanna get Michael Jackson big, I don't. I just don't. I actually think it's kinda corny to be a celebrity now."

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