Amber Rose and Murda Mook got into it on the latest episode of Drink Champs.

On Christmas day (Dec. 25), Revolt dropped a special installment of their Drink Champs series with N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN, which featured special guests Amber Rose and battle rappers Murda Mook and Loaded Lux.

During a discussion about what Mook perceives as a lack of talent in the current state of the entertainment industry, the veteran battle rapper said something in rhyme form that caught the attention of Amber Rose.  

"Chicks getting booked for $2,000 ’cuz they posted nudes stylin’," Murda Mook casually rapped around the 1:13:50-mark. "Think about it, having no talent that's the new talent/I saw a bitch on red carpet, I said 'Tell me what you do'/She said, 'I’m pretty, I pierced my clit, my titties, my belly button too/I twerk for the 'gram, my videos get a hella buncha views/That's very fuckin’ cool but tell me what you do." 

He continued: "It’s disgusting/Hoes winnin’ be the image they pumpin’/Bitches gettin’ famous off famous niggas they fuckin’/But it's the nigga fault they gettin’ caught, end of discussion/You can't blame the hoes, at the end of the day, them bitches is hustlin’” 

From there, Amber Rose quickly took Mook to task over his statements regarding women in the pointed bars he had just spit. 

"Let me ask you a question," said Rose. "But what’s the problem?"

Murda Mook replied: "Nothing. I ain’'t have a problem with none of that shit. I just report the news." 

"OK, but you just freestylin’ but you believe it?" asked Amber Rose.  

"As having no talent is the new talent?" responded Mook. "Absolutely."  

Amber once again replied: "But what’s the problem? Like, do you feel some type of way?" 

"No, ’cuz that don’t got nothing to do with me," said Murda Mook. "It’s just what I see. If you think about it, right. It’s a talent in itself though. If having no talent is a talent, now you're talented. You talented at not being talented." 

"But who do you blame for that?" asked Rose as she continued to press the Harlem, N.Y. spitter. "Is it the girl's problem or is it the consumer?" 

Mook explained: "It’s not even just about the females. Guys, the female thing that you just heard, that was just one aspect of it."  

"I just feel like guys should just never talk about women," declared Amber. "It should never be a conversation."

To that Mook replied: “You said talk about them?”

"Yeah, as far as let’s say like me, Kim Kardashian, Jada, Ari," explained Rose. "Like it should never be a conversation amongst men because it’s like you have to then blame the consumer, right? Because these girls, us, are like known as not having talent but we make a lot of money."

"It’s always respect," said Amber added. "I just feel like when it comes to men, and it’s like ‘hoes’ and all that, right. Like y’all stick y’all dick in everything but then you call us hoes for the consumer loving us."

"Niggas still calling chicks hoes?" said Mook.

"Yeah, you just did," replied Rose as the conversation began to become a bit more animated. “You just did in your freestyle.”

From there, Murda Mook explained that in his raps, he was simply observing the world around him from his perspective. However, Amber wasn’t here for it.

"Do you believe that girls that are on and popping, or if they’re fucking somebody and they get on, are they hoes?" asked Rose. "I guess what I’m trying to say is like, those are derogatory labels, right? Think of like a White man calling you the N-word right? As people of color, we feel some type of way but when it comes to men and women, a lot of men don’t feel some type of way about the derogatory labels that are put on women, especially Black women or women of color."

Amber Rose has been a huge proponent of women being treated equality when it comes to their sexual liberation. In 2017, she put together the SlutWalk, which aimed to bring awareness to the issue.

See the Full Episode of Drink Champs Featuring Amber Rose, Murda Mook and Loaded Lux Below

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