Just in case you didn't know, Loaded Lux can still absolutely rap his ass off. That's a point the battle rap veteran proved once again during a recent stop by Hot 97. Freestyling for Funkmaster Flex, Lux attacked Cam'ron's Just Blaze-produced "The ROC (Just Fire)," which is off Cam's third studio album, Come Home with Me.

"I was in the areas/Just thought I'd swing by (bi) like a girl that's curious/Them boys in the hood pops up on you, that's furious/Fierce as when you find your inferiors isn't fearin' ya/What's scary is, you're bettin' against the odds/And you lettin' these niggas tell ya you better than what you are/I'm the bar measurin' rod/This where we draw the line on your screen/Turning it out like some Etch A Sketch'n knobs, odd," Lux spits, creating a perfect mix of brags and punchlines without ever missing a beat.

In just those first several bars, we hear a reference to Boyz n the Hood and Etch A Sketch, and as the freestyle goes on, the quotable lines only stack up in what's definitely one of the best freestyles of 2017 so far.

"I battle rap and I drop records/Do the cabbage patch or get your cabbage patched/Cut me in however you dissect it/This ain't that put your faith in favors later, thank the neighbors/I came to bring 'em that thing that cracks the creator's data/The great debater, you're slow, at least a turtle (Lisa Turtle) know/Exactly (Zack) why Morris never lifted weights with Slater," he spits, beginning with a devastating rhyme scheme and ending with a fire Saved by the Bell reference.

Check out Loaded Lux's electric freestyle below.

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