21 Savage is head over heels for Amber Rose, and he has no problems showing it to the fullest. After attending her SlutWalk event in Los Angeles this past weekend, the Atlanta rapper received a decent amount of criticism and jokes from social media about participating and holding a sign that said "I'm A Hoe Too," but now he and his girlfriend are issuing their own responses.

Both Savage and Muva Rosebud dismiss the haters in a new video, where they both essentially tell critics to mind their own business. Amber starts off by questioning what people were expecting from her boyfriend, as he has shown a much softer, protective side since the two have become an official couple.

"How the fuck is my man not a savage anymore?" Rose asks. "Do y'all want him to pistol whip me? Beat me up? Shoot up the SlutWalk? Like what the fuck do y'all want?"

The Issa MC, on the other hand, has a harsh message for the haters, telling them to stop worrying about him and his girlfriend and what the two do together.

"Y'all need to get off a nigga's dick," he states. "Get off my dick. Yeah, get off my bitch dick too. SlutWalk was fun as a motherfucker."

Savage came out to the event to support Amber and tons of women who seek to promote gender equality, in part by destigmatizing words like “ho” and “slut.” It began back in 2011 after a Toronto police officer suggested women “avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized.”

Check out the responses from both Muva Rosebud and 21 Savage in the video below.

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