Earlier today (Dec. 21), 21 Savage released his new album, I Am > I Was, and promptly sparked a ton of conversation. The opening track, "A Lot," is garnering a lot of attention because of J. Cole's appearance, but "Ball W/o You" has people talking as well,  as some people thought it was about 21's famous ex-girlfriend Amber Rose.

"You was my rock, heavy metal/Now you ain't shit to me," 21 raps on the heartfelt track. "I thought it was love, until I woke up/And had an epiphany/Keep the fame and keep the love/Just give me the loyalty."

Appearing on The Breakfast Club today this afternoon, the Atlanta rapper was asked whether or not he was referring to Amber on the track. In turn, 21 confirmed that the song is not about her — though she was some of the inspiration behind it.

"It ain't really about her, it's about just relationships," 21 told Breakfast Club host, Charlamagne. "I ain't gon' lie—it ain't about her but certain shit that I'm saying in the song, me and her done had them discussions. Like I done talked to her when we was together about, 'Fuck your love, Amber. I don't want your love, I want your loyalty.' I done had them discussions with her. So that's where that came from. It's not just about her."

He went on to reveal that despite their breakup, he and Amber Rose still have a great relationship and he even played the record for her before it was released.

"Amber heard the song before it came out. She liked the song. On God, me and Amber is cool as a muthafucka," 21 affirmed. "Amber my dog. She the coolest person ever."

Amber Rose and 21 Savage split earlier this year after several months of dating. Amber later expressed interest in working it out, but ultimately, the pair went their separate ways, and the model has since moved on with Def Jam VP of A&R, Alexander "AE" Edwards.

Elsewhere in the interview, 21 discusses how his collabs with J. Cole and Childish Gambino happened, what happened when he tried therapy and more.

Watch 21 Savage's entire interview with The Breakfast Club below. The rapper discusses Amber Rose around the 8:27 mark.

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