Prodigy's legacy is continuing to carry on strong through his supporters and longtime friends and collaborators, as his death has come as a major shock to the hip-hop community. The Alchemist honors the Queensbridge rapper by sharing an unreleased Mobb Deep record called "Try My Hand."

The super producer posts the new song to his Soundcloud page, which comes off of his collaborative album with U.K. producer Budgie, The Good Book, Vol. 2. The unreleased track carries some gritty sounds from the rap group's signature style, bringing those authentic street vibes that fans know and love.

“She never heard talk like this, I capture your attention/My gat is a gift from God for you to listen” and “Well violence is the best translator/Bullets are universal, see, now you can relate to a thug," Prodigy raps on his verse.

Last month, Prodigy suddenly passed away in a Las Vegas hospital reportedly due to complications with his sickle cell illness. The rap community has been doing their best to honor him since his passing, including award show tributes, celebrities speaking out on his impact and much more.

Havoc has been making multiple solo appearances for Mobb Deep over the last month, helping to carry his legacy on with his fan base.

Take a listen to the unreleased Mobb Deep track, "Try My Hand," below.

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