After Alchemist recently came forth unveiling that he's worked a lot with Slug of Atmosphere, speaking on a number of projects completed with his Rhymesayers Entertainment labelmate, the hip-hop veteran is now back with more information on the collaboration.

During a recent interview published in PrefixMag, which featured his work with Evidence of Step Brothers, Alchemist was asked to expound on his new collaborative efforts with Slug.
"I think it’s just a matter of which project we drop first," said Alchemist. "Cause we've already done a lot of stuff. Slug is a legend. If allowed, the world will hear it. You gotta ask Slug. You know what? You gotta ask Ant [Atmosphere's producer] 'cause Ant has everything in the hard drive. If you know him, he gives out information easily."

In July 2013, during a HipHopSite interview, Atmosphere's Slug talked wanting to work with Alchemist.

"I know that you're too hot for us. That's cool. We'll wait until people don't like you again, and then we'll make a record with you. For cheap," said Slug.

Later, during his sit-down, Slug clarified his previous statement by adding, "I didn't mean to say there was a time when people didn't like you, Alc. I apologize. That came out wrong. What I meant to say is, when I'm rich, we're gonna make a project. And we're gonna call it Lake Minnetonka… Just me and Alc. It's gonna be called The Purified Waters of Lake Minnetonka. It's gonna be on purple vinyl and purple MP3s. Run with that shit. Put that shit on Wiki. Tweet Alc, and tell him that we're making a record."

Alchemist and Evidence, whose joint work dates back to high school, are currently promoting Step Brothers' Lord Steppington, the duo's first official full-length LP.

Lord Steppington is scheduled to drop Jan. 21 via Rhymesayers Entertainment.

[Via PrefixMag]

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