Boxer Adrien Broner heard 50 Cent's demand for money loud and clear, and he has an answer for the rapper.

On Friday (June 21), the fighter hopped on Instagram and offered a pointed reply to the Queens MC. "50 Cent I'm throwing another [$]20,000 tonight nigga and I ain't giving you shit on Monday," he posted along with a middle finger emoji.

Fif, who has been on a money collecting rampage in 2019, put Broner on blast earlier this week after the boxer claimed 50 blocked him on social media.

“Fuck you AB, we still mad about that money you made us lose on ya fight,” the G-Unit boss responded. “Yeah I blocked your ass because you fucking up the money.”

He added in the comment section: “Have Something for Me by Monday.”

Broner shot back, "Fuck you too @50cent and we can fight to solve our differences."

50 isn't the only rapper upset with Broner for losing a fight. Back in January, Tee Grizzly hopped on social media to express his frustration over $20,000 he lost betting on Broner to beat Manny Pacquiao. "AB, what hood was you doing that shit for, bro?" the Detroit rapper questioned on Instagram. "Man listen, dog. You shooting dice in all them airports, playing and shit. You should have been training, nigga. I just lost 20 racks fucking with you. What God you was doing that shit for? That shit crazy, man."

Check out Broner's response to 50 Cent below.

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