Action Bronson is gearing up for the release of his White Bronco album, which drops on Nov. 1. On Friday (Oct. 19), the Queens rapper shares the newest single off the upcoming release, "Prince Charming."

Bam Bam taps Knxwledge to produce the new cut. The track finds the Big Apple MC rhyming over a slowed doo-wop soul sample, weaving in stream-of-consciousness raps. "I finally found love and it's fucking beautiful/I no longer bite my nails down to the cuticles," he spits. "My sex stories ain't suitable for listeners/Cause prisoners to wack off, aw man/Enough of that soft shit, me by myself is like The Four Horsemen/You're just a poor sportsman, your sports car could be your coffin/The thought of revenge release endorphins."

Minus a chorus, Mr. Baklava dives back in following the first verse. "It only took me nine times to make a debut, tenth time's a charm, shit/Now man’s on road, that means I'm hard/Charge whatever on the Visa card, half moon Caesar parts/A lot of motherfuckers blind, they couldn't see the art," he raps.

White Bronco will be Action's fifth solo studio album, following 2017's Blue Chips 7000. Now back on his indie grind, the new project is a breath of fresh air. "I’m liberated, I feel amazing, I’m manifesting my art in my many different mediums," Bronson recently said. "White Bronco is a nice representation of who I am right now. And who I like being. I’m in a happy zone. When people say that Mercury is in retrograde, I call bullshit. Sagittarius always fly high. I don’t get depressed, I’m good. I always find a way out of darkness. I work out. I eat. I make art."

Listen to Action Bronson's new "Prince Charming" track below.

Action Bronson Corp. / Empire
Action Bronson Corp. / Empire

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