Born to Be Pretty this summer. Instead he revealed fans can look out for a new project titled 
Cozy Tapes Vol. 1.

At.Long.Last.A$APReports started after an interview with 
 The A$AP head honcho jokingly shared that he and the British rock singer will be dropping a mixtape this summer. "You want to know if me and him have a mixtape coming out, don’t you?" said Rocky. "Me and Rod Stewart have a mixtape coming out. It’s called and it’s definitely a panty-dropper. Droppin’ this summer. You already know." Rocky goes on to say that Lenny Kravitz is hosting the forthcoming project.

Cozy Tapes Vol. 1 was initially thought to be the posthumous A$AP Yams project that Rocky is putting together. Yams started the Cozy Boyz movement around 2012. However, a source from A$AP Mob has confirmed with XXL that the project is the long awaited A$AP Mob album.

In addition to constantly working on music this year, the young spitta said he will also be releasing a line of luxury fur coats soon. "It’s a fur line," he told Vulture."We specialize in luxury fur coats. I’m going to have my own line of luxury fur coats. It’s a Capsule collaboration." Read the full conversation here.