Atlanta rapper Da Brat became the latest MC to remix Fetty Wap's smash hit 'Trap Queen.' The single, which was co-signed by Kanye West during All-Star Weekend, is starting to pick up across radio stations in the U.S. and being remixed by some of the biggest names in hip-hop.

With Da Brat releasing her version of 'Trap Queen' last night, she joins the ranks of Yo Gotti, Quavo from Migos, Lil Kim, French Montana, Fabolous and others, as the first batch of artists to hop on Fetty's track. 'Trap Queen' has yet to reach its peak, so expect ore rappers to hop on the track and give their versions of the hit single. For now, here are eight artists that have remixed the New Jersey native's smash single.

Yo Gotti - "Trap Queen Remix"

French Montana - "Trap Queen Remix"

Fabolous - "Trap Queen Remix"

Quavo of Migos - "Trap Queen Remix"

Lil Kim - "Trap Queen Remix"

Shy Glizzy - "Trap Queen Remix"

Montana of 300 Ft. Jalyn Sanders - "Trap Queen Remix"

Da Brat - "Trap Queen Remix"