Earlier this week, a rap video featuring Gabe Day, the son of accomplished actor Daniel Day-Lewis, made the rounds on the Internet after the Sarah Lawrence college student posted his a video for his song, "Green Aura," on YouTube.

As with anytime a novelty like this begin to circulates the web, it was met with a combination of confusion, condescension and ironic amusement from bloggers and rap fans that the privileged child of the Hollywood elite would make an attempt to make an honest go at a rap career.

However, Day would hardly be the first son of a famous actor to try and rock the microphone. XXL has compiled 7 children of famous actors who have tried their hand at rap music.

Gabe Day

Famous Parent: Daniel Day-Lewis

Subject Matter:  Comparing Racism To Judging Him For Being A Rich Kid, Drugs, New York City Stoops

Best Lyric: “Call me Gabe Day and not Gabe Day-Lewis, because if you’re trying to call me out I’m ’bout to Gabe Day-Lose-It!”

XXL: Gabriel-Kane Day-Lewis a.k.a Gabe Day is the son of  Oscar-winning actor Daniel Day-Lewis. Gabe's debut single, "Green Auras," went viral this week after he posted a video for the song on YouTube.

Chet Haze

Famous Parent: Tom Hanks

Subject Matter: Girls, Clubs & Dancing At Clubs With Girls

Best Lyric: "Sunday was a good day/Like the Lakers beat the Supersonics/Shoutout to Ice Cube/Finishin' first, even though I'm a nice dude."

XXL: While his brother, Colin, has chosen to follow his father, Tom Hanks, into the world of acting, Chester Hanks a.k.a Chet Haze has chosen to pursue a different career in entertainment - rapping. On "Do It Better," Haze attempts to make G-grade Flo Rida as he rap about seducing pretty young things and taking them home after a raucous evening at the club.

Scott Caan A.K.A. Mad Skillz

Famous Parent: James Caan

Best Lyric: "Pants all sagging/everyone's ragging/But I got loot if you think that I'm lacking"

Subject Matter: Smoking weed, juvenile delinquency, putting your hands in the air

XXL: As the son of Oscar-nominated actor James Caan, Scott has gone om to have an incredibly successful acting career of his own appearing on movies and television shows as Ocean's 11, Varsity Blues and Hawaii 5-0. However, a pre-fame Scott was one half of the the white teen rap duo The Whooliganz. Despite how that sounds, Caan a.k.a. Mad Skillz had serious hip-hop credibility. Caan was joined by hip-hop superproducer The Alchemist as The Whooliganz were associated with Cypress Hill's Soul Assassin clique in the early 1990s.

Jaden Smith

Subject Matter: Being coolest of the coolest of the cool

Famous Parents: Will Smith & Jada Pinkett-Smith

Best Lyric:  "It's the coolest of the coolest/It's the smoothest of the smoothest/It's the crudest and the rudest of the stupid kids"

XXL: While Jaden Smith is literally hip-hop and Hollywood royalty as the youngest son of Will Smith a.k.a. The Fresh Prince, his nascent rap career has been met mostly with indifference from potential fans.  Despite collaborations with Justin Bieber and the backing of one of the mos powerful families in entertainment, Jaden's numerous singles and rap music videos have failed to catch on with audiences.

OMG & Doughboy

Famous Parent: Ice Cube

Subject Matter: Lambos and Coupes

Best Lyrics: "They call me Doughboy bitch, you know how I do/I spit it straight from the top like a frisbee on a roof/"

XXL: Doughboy and OMG are the sons of rapper/actor Ice Cube. Not only do the brothers share similar visages to their famous dad, Doughboy borrows his rap name from Cube's famous character from Boyz In The Hood. The two brothers even joined their father on "Y'all Know How We Do" from Cube's 2010 album, I Am The West.

sebastian sartor full

Sebastian Sartor

Famous Parent: Connie Nielsen

Best Beat: Pusha T's "King Push"

While technically not a rapper, Sebastian Sartor, son of Danish actress Connie Nielsen, perhaps is enjoying the most legitimate hip-hop career of any scion of a famous celebrity. In 2013, Sartor produced the opening track on "King Push," the opening track to Pusha T's critically acclaimed My Name Is My Name.

“I had gotten a new bank of patches, a new synth,” Sebastian told XXL in October. “I was scrolling through, and I immediately got inspired by this sound I heard, and I tried to fuck around with some chords. And [I] just built [it] slow, step-by-step, really feeling it and trying to disconnect certain senses with really low light. It all started coming together and matching up in like three, four days, five days, I think. I made it my only focus—I wanted to make it dope. I wanted to change the way that I produce and the way that I paid attention.”