Burn Rubber x Fila x Mayor x Flüd “Doughboy” Capsule Collection
The Burn Rubber x Fila x Mayor x Flüd "Doughboy" capsule is the recognition of the hustler. In the late 80's and early 90's, the Fila Tennis low was the shoe of choice for D-Boys in every hood of America. The duffle bag was their briefcase, a hoody & jogging pants was their suit of choice, and a snapback was their top hat...
7 Children Of Famous Actors With Aspiring Rap Careers
Earlier this week, a rap video featuring Gabe Day, the son of accomplished actor Daniel Day-Lewis, made the rounds on the Internet after the Sarah Lawrence college student posted his a video for his song, "Green Aura," on YouTube. As with anytime a novelty like this begin to circulates the web, it was met with a combination of confusion, condescension and ironic amusement from bloggers a
The Break Presents: OMG
As the son of the legendary Ice Cube, rapper OMG wants to be remembered for being the game's rawest and best emcee to touch the mic...