6ix9ine is still feeling the burn after his music video shoot ended in gunfire last week.

According to TMZ, Universal Music Group dished more than $480,000 to fund the video shoot for Tekashi's visual with Kanye West and Nicki Minaj. After gun violence brought production to a full stop, the video for 6ix9ine's mega collaboration might not come to fruition after all since UMG has no intention on rescheduling the shoot.

This news arrives a few days after Public Enemy front man Chuck D questioned Kanye for hanging out with the considerably younger 6ix9ine, who's obviously been branded a troublemaker. Speaking with the celebrity news site, Chuck let loose his thoughts on the matter.

"Where is a older person hanging out with a younger person anyway?" Chuck asked. "Either you help the younger person or you just gotta stay outta that."

Elsewhere during the same interview, Chuck D brings up the idea that Tekashi is squandering opportunities other people would kill for.

"I don't think people should use the culture to drag the everyday [dysfunction] into it," Chuck D said. "You got millions in prison right now who are looking at a situation like that kid, or whoever, and saying, 'Damn, if I only had a chance, I'm locked down because of some dumb shit I did.' So you always gotta keep in mind who is on that other side who don't have those opportunities."

6ix9ine is currently serving probation after avoiding jail time for his sexual misconduct case.

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