6ix9ine's biological father has been estranged from his son since the rapper was 9-years-old, but he was present in the courtroom for his son's sentencing.

On Wednesday (Dec. 18), Daniel Hernandez Sr. was on hand as a judge handed down a 24-month sentence for the embattled rapper, which results in about 11 more months behind bars with time served. Following their adjournment, Hernandez spoke to the numerous cameras outside the courthouse and revealed that he's fearing for his son's life once he's a free man.

"I feel glad that he’s safe in there," Hernandez says in a video captured by blogger A.R. 16. "You know what I mean? Because there's nothing gonna happen. Outside, you know they’re going to try to kill because of all the stuff that he was saying, blah blah. You guys know what I mean. I don’t have to explain. It’s a scary situation. He’s a target, he’s a target. He can’t even hide. His face, his tattoos, '69'—he ain’t going nowhere."

When asked by a reporter what he thinks of his son's ink, he replied, "I like them! I got tattoos too, but I ain’t got no 69."

As previously reported, 6ix9ine's 24-month sentence also includes five years of supervised release, 300 hours of community service and a fine of $35,000. As it stands now, 6ix9ine would be released from prison around November of 2020. However, there is a possibility that he could be released even earlier for good behavior.

6ix9ine plans to return to his music career upon his release, and reportedly signed a $10 million deal from behind bars with his former label, 10K Projects.

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