6ix9ine's streak of epic pettiness continues. On Saturday night (Nov. 3), the controversial Brooklyn rapper jumped onto Instagram and posted a video of himself in bed with Trippie Redd's ex-girlfriend, Aylek$.

In the first of a few Trippie-directed videos he uploaded to social media, we can see the rainbow-haired rapper laying back in bed with the Trippie's ex. In the first video, 6ix9ine serves up a skit. In this one, he's laying in bed and watching a video of a crowd chanting, "Fuck 6ix9ine."

"This is dead crazy. Niggas is dead saying fuck 6ix9ine," Tekashi begins in the video. He almost looks demoralized, but just a moment or so later he turns over slightly and shows the video to a woman he's in bed with.

"Yo baby, look at this shit," 6ix9ine says to the woman, who is quickly revealed to be Aylek$. "Deadass, it is fuck 6ix9ine. Fucking Tre Way," Aylek$ responds.

Injecting other the videos with bits of humor, Tekashi went on Instagram Live and sang the lyrics to "Fuck Love," which is a Trippie Redd-assisted cut from the late rapper's 17 album. In another clip, we can see Tekashi and Aylek$ belting out the lyrics to Usher's timeless slow jam, "U Got It Bad." They even played Marvin Gaye's "Sexual Healing."

If you didn't know, 6ix9ine and Trippie have been beefing for just about a year now. They had previously been on good terms and even collaborated on a 2017 track called "Poles1469." Some time later, though, Trippie called 6ix9ine a pedophile, referencing a sexual misconduct charge Tekashi had caught back in 2015.

Since dropping their successful collab last year, Trippie and 6ix9ine have had it out for one another and have shown no signs of seriously patching things up.

For 6ix9ine, this marks at least the second time he's brought a woman with ties to one of his adversaries into a beef. Over the summer, he took Chief Keef's rumored baby's mother out on a shopping trip and posted videos of the trip onto the internet.

Watch videos of 6ix9ine's epic troll session for yourself below.

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