These days 50 Cent is making as much noise producing TV shows as he is putting out music, and it doesn't look like that's changing any time soon. Yesterday (April 19), The Hollywood Reporter reported that 50 is now set to produce two new TV shows for Sony's Crackle streaming platform at some point in the future. The first one is called The Oath.

According to the movie news site, The Oath was written and created by former L.A. County Sheriff's Deputy Joe Halpin (Hawaii Five-0) and will be executive produced by 50 and his G-Unit Film and TV.  The show will revolve around "a sub-culture of gangs made up of those sworn to protect and defend." Todd Hoffman and Dennis Kim, both from Storied Media Group, are all set to executive produce with Halpin who will also serve as the new series' showrunner.

50 has also signed on to help produce RPN, which THR describes as "a high-octane drama set in the working-class streets of Boston's most corrupt neighborhoods." Adam Riback, Nick Phillips and Kelly Wagner will all executive produce the new series alongside Leo Sardarian, who's the one responsible for scripting the show.

It's good to see Fif's got more big TV dealings in the works, especially in light of his recent legal troubles. Recently, 50 was seen throwing a punch at a woman while he performed with the LOX at Baltimore Soundstage in the Maryland city. 50 later invited the woman, whose name is Donnetta Derr, on to the stage so he could apologize and she could twerk for the crowd, but understandably, she's still real upset.

Apparently Derr visited the hospital the next day and has now decided to sue 50. Considering the incident was caught on Camera, the G-Unit boss could have a hard time mounting a great defense. Either way, it's a good thing he's working on a new TV show, because he might need that extra dough some time soon.

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