The Floyd Mayweather-Manny Pacquiao fight didn't live up to people's expectations and rumors of a rematch have been swirling since Mayweather was deemed the winner on the night of May 2. While promoting the upcoming season of his hit show Power, MTV's Rob Markman asked Fif what he thought about another go-around of Mayweather-Pacquiao. "It's obvious it's huge business. [They made] $200 million in 36 minutes" started the G-Unit head honcho. "I wouldn't. I don't think the response he got from the fight was postitive. I don't think people were jumping up and down demanding a rematch."

Fifty and Mayweather have had a long, complicated history. Shortly before the big fight, the two squashed an ongoing beef.  In February, Fif said that Floyd was scared to fight Pacquiao. While visiting the Sports Illustrated offices, 50 told their writer Chris Mannix that Mayweather was “Scared to death” to fight Pacquiao. Apparently things have changed. The G-Unit frontman and Floyd have been beefing on and off for the last three years. The two appeared on the cover of XXL back in 2011 and have had a tumultuous relationship since. In 2012 Fifty admitted that a Twitter spat between the two wasmerely a publicity stunt. With a fight coming up, hopefully the reunion isn’t another stunt to gain press.