On Rotimi's new song "Nobody," the singer muses why some chicks still haven't found someone to be in a serious relationship with. Recently he provided the hazy visuals for the song with 50 Cent and T.I.. The music video is directed by Eif Rivera.

As viewers walk through a bizarre compound containing a bed, stripper poles and chains, Rotimi continually sings the question, "How you got all these bodies/Still ain't got nobody?" T.I. then raps about a heartless stripper who uses men for pleasure while 50 Cent raps with a fast flow to describe becoming entranced by a particular convincing stripper.

Last weekend, fans of 50's hit series, Power, were able to watch the premiere of season four on Starz. Both 50 Cent and Rotimi are main characters on the popular show. Rotimi plays the character Dre while 50 Cent plays Kanan. 50 Cent's acting chops were also recently complimented by Z-Ro when he claimed 50 would have played a more believable actor as Tupac in All Eyez on Me.

You can watch the video for "Nobody" below.

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