It's no secret that this is 50 Cent's first time back on the Summer Jam stage in 10 years. Back in 2004, at the height of his career, the G- Unit mogul was banned from Hot 97's annual show after an on-stage altercation caused mayhem in the Giants Stadium. With chairs thrown, foul words tossed and an audience scared for their lives, the performance will forever go down as one of the most infamous moments in Summer Jam history. XXL recently took a walk down memory lane with 50 Cent reflecting on the decade-old incident ahead of his headlining performance at the show this weekend, which marks the first time in a decade that he'll grace the Summer Jam stage. With an explanation of many frenemies around him and countless people trying to feed off his fame, check out what 50 Cent had to say about returning to Summer Jam in the clip above.

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