Despite all the clowning, 50 Cent still has love for Floyd Mayweather. While out with G-Unit promoting their new EP The Beauty of Independence the rapper revealed to Angie Martinez that he's actually been taking it light on the boxing champ.

"There’s so many things I could do to him, that I could talk about and people would look at him completely different after that", said Fif. "The reading thing is me taking it light."

The ongoing beef between the two started when the Mayweather did an interview claiming that 50, T.I. and Nelly were no longer relevant. In spite of the comment of the Fif still has respect for Mayweather (he said he could read) and his talents even if he doesn't feel the feeling is mutual.

“You can’t take away who he is. He’s one of the best fighters in our actual time. I never try to discredit what he’s worked for.”

In addition to talking about his current relationship with one time business partner, 50  and the rest G-Unit also talked about their new EP. According to Lloyd Banks the project reminded him of when they first started out. They recorded 50 tracks for the project.

Check out the full interview below.

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