50 Cent's friendship with Floyd Mayweather goes back more than a decade, and by all accounts it was a positive and genuine friendship—until recently. Things went downhill fast in 2012 after the duo's The Money Team promotions company tore them apart, with Mayweather backing out and 50 left with a $2 million deficit. But Fif and Floyd appeared to have patched things up, saying in separate interviews that there was no bad blood, until last week. After a Mayweather interview, in which he called 50, T.I. and Nelly irrelevant, was posted, 50 clowned Mayweather on Instagram by challenging him to read a page from Harry Potter without messing it up. The back and forth has intensified since, and continues to play out online now.

But things weren't all bad, and it wasn't too long ago that the two were making millions together. Here is a brief recap of 50 Cent's relationship with Floyd Mayweather through the years. —Dan Rys

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The two meet for the first time in Puerto Rico at the Mixshow Power Summit Conference and strike up a friendship that eventually turns into an ill-fated business partnership.

May 5, 2007
50 Cent accompanies Mayweather to the ring for his title fight against Oscar De La Hoya, and performs his new Curtis single "Straight To The Bank" live for the first time.

March 4, 2008
Mayweather asks 50 Cent to accompany him to the ring when he fights The Big Show on WWE's Wrestlemania XXIV in Orlando at the end of the month, a fight for which Mayweather reportedly made more than $20 million.

Nov. 16, 2009
50 uploads a video of himself with Rick Ross' baby mama, Tia, and his son hanging out at Mayweather's house, along with Diddy.