50 Cent has been in the headlines for a variety of reasons over the past few weeks, whether it be for controversy, music or movies. The rapper stopped at ESPN's Grantland studio to promote his upcoming film Southpaw and the wide-ranging conversation touched on his involvement in professional boxing, Power and more. Of course, the biggest news surrounding the G-Unit frontman right now is his recent filing for bankruptcy that has people scratching their heads. Hosts Jalen Rose and David Jacoby asked him about it and Fif took a stance against the media before saying he couldn't get too deep into the conversation.

"Everytime something happens...journalist will write it one way, then they will write it another," he said. "Of course the negative way goes first because it travels fast. When you look at the news, 90 percent of what you see is negative and then it's work for them to put the good stuff in there. Because of legal issues, I can't really get into the depths of it."

Later, as the interview became more loose and jovial, Fifty was asked about how his collab with Maroon 5's lead singer Adam Levine. "I kinda was a fan of him," said Fifty. "Low key, I used to play his music all the time (laughs). I had his joint playing and his voice is distinctive. It's like the Justin Timberlake project when I did "Ayo Technology." He has a joint called "Till The End Of Time," I think it's one of the best records he's written. I don't have favorite artists, I have favorite moments from artists. When I heard that, I was like, 'Damn, he was in his pocket.'"

Towards the end of the interview, Fifty then went into a digression about how social media has made celebrities out of people who don't necessarily have the talent to garner so much attention.

"We live in a period where the lines are getting blurred between what a star is vs. a celebrity," said the rapper. "Those platforms are so effective that they could be earning the same, so they can maneuver and have publicists to put them in position where they appear to be as big as the artist...In all my travels, I try to analyze why people are so passionate about Americans and it's because they can't see the separation between the bricks in the projects and the red bricks in a high-rise condo. So it looks like America is the better option no matter what."