There's a maxim about haters and money and piling and Banks. If the title of 50 Cent's 2003 debut was taken as tongue in cheek, it's our own fault. In the decade since he turned a failed Columbia deal into international superstardom, the Queens rapper has forged for himself a multimedia empire, the crown jewel of which is his SMS Audio brand of headphones and music technology.

The web video curatorial site What's Trending caught up with Mr. Jackson at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. (It was Fif's fourth year in attendance.) He boasted about the brand's launch--footholds in 62 countries is nothing to scoff at. Additionally, he teased some wearable technologies; SMS will soon be selling headphones that monitor distance traveled, heart rate, and calories burned.

Chief among the new products was the second generation of Star Wars headphones, which 50 said would be ready for a May release. Though the film won't be released until December, SMS plans to be part of a major rollout process.

[What's Trending]

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