50 Cent is used to the haters. He's dealt with them his entire career. And though he's grown to be one of the most powerful rap moguls in the game, "they" still don't want him to win.

50 addressed the naysayers who've snubbed him for years during his rap career and says he's not worried about his series Power being forgotten during awards season yet again. 50 executive produces and co-stars in the scripted drama about a New York City druglord with a conscience caught between his many worlds. Fif took to Instagram to post a pic of Power star Omari Hardwick and let it be known he's not stressing.

"My first album is the largest debuting album in hip hop,but I didn't get a award," the Queens MC remembered. "My first film soundtrack sold 3 million copy's ( a hustlers ambition) wasn't even nominated . My First TV show is the biggest original series, but I get no awards. 😆 the sad part is I watch them change the rules right in front of me. Now there saying the theme song for power can't be nominated. It's a good thing, I learn to give no fucks. I'll keep winning."

Gearing up for its third season on Starz, Power getting left out of awards season is becoming a recurring trend. Around this time last year, 50 came at BET over Power being suspiciously forgotten during the 2015 BET Awards while Fox's faux-music industry show Empire got all the love.

“It’s a damn shame what happened to the BET Awards,” 50 Cent lamented in a video during the June 28 show. “Fox bought the whole god damn show,” he continued, pointing out all the ads on screen for the show as well as the awards the show's stars were racking up.

The 2016 BET Awards are set to take place on June 26 in Los Angeles and the network has released the nominees with both 50 Cent and Power absent from the ballot. XXL has reached out to 50 Cent's camp and will update this post when we hear back with more information.

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