50 Cent has been on a debt-collecting rampage in 2019, and his latest target is none other than his Power co-star, Rotimi. According to the G-Unit general, the actor/singer owes him a cool $300,000 and he wants his coins.

Re-posting a video of Rotimi celebrating his album sitting atop the Billboard R&B charts on Wednesday morning (May 29), 50 called him out.

"Man fuck all that I want my money by Monday," he wrote with the video. "Cash nigga where the bag at #lecheminduroi #bransoncognac"

In a series of posts that followed, 50 continued poking at Rotimi in captions while sharing his album cover, a video of their other Power co-star, Michael Rainey Jr. (who plays Tariq), dancing to one of Rotimi's songs, a video of actor Jackie Long joking about the beef and more.

"I want to punch this nigga nose @Rotimi got the #1 RNB album time to pay me on gang," 50 wrote on one post. "My man you owe a outstanding balance of $300,000 now WALK WITH ME to the bank. #lecheminduroi #bransoncognac," he wrote on another.

Whether 50 is going to be able to collect on his debt remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure—he's giving Rotimi's new album a ton of promo in the process. Perhaps that was the plan all along.

Rotimi doesn't appear to be in on the joke—if it was one—and took a pretty serious tone in his response.

"It’s crazy when you start to get to a level of success and people wanna start coming at you," he captioned his video response hours after 50's posts.

You can view 50's posts and Rotimi's response for yourself below.

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