Ever since 50 Cent filed for bankruptcy in July of last year, his case has become something of a saga. He's recently been called into court to answer for all the stunting he continues to do on Instagram with loads of cash despite his bankruptcy declaration. Now his lawyers are spinning it in a genius way: 50 stunts on IG because he wants to inspire his poor fans.

In audio of the court proceedings obtained by TMZ (above), you can hear lawyers for both sides talk about the nature of 50's posts on Instagram as he poses with loads of cash.

"I'm not gonna ask you whether you listen to his music or have seen his videos or anything like that," says 50's lawyer, "but if you look at Mr. Jackson or other hip-hop artists, they're aspirational. They come from poverty, many of their fans are poor. [The fans] want their favorite rapper to be rich. Money is important to them. And you look at his pre-bankruptcy persona, look at some of the videos - money is important. Filing the bankruptcy, by definition, presented a real challenge as to how it's gonna be handled."

Another lawyer for Fif goes on to explain how he's a "responsible debtor" and wouldn't be posing with real cash just to deposit it back into the bank.

Judge Ann Nevins is heard reminding them how 50's Instagram posts could be perceived as "inflammatory." As only lawyers can do, they assure Judge Nevins that surely the creditors are sophisticated enough to know that what one person thinks is inflammation might actually be a form of "maximizing recovery" to another person. If 50 behaved with more "tact," according to his lawyers, he wouldn't be getting the sponsorship deals or movie roles he now enjoys.

Reports from earlier today (March 10) point to the possibility of 50's lawyers and the creditors reaching a deal that only needs approval by the judge. If so, this saga might come to a quick close.

Hear the audio snippet above.

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