50 Cent and 6ix9ine have a number of similarities. They both took the game by storm. They both, at one point, claimed to run New York City. And they both have a flair for the dramatic. But according to Fif, their bond may run even deeper than that.

The controversial rappers have gotten cool in recent months. On Saturday (June 9), 50 posted a photo of himself and the rainbow-hair rapper on Instagram. In the caption, he jokingly revealed their familial relationship. "Your not gonna believe this but l dated a Mexican girl back in the day," Fif started. "l took a blood test and just found out 69’s my son,no wonder he acts like that. get the strap."

50 Cent has seemingly been playing the big homie role for 6ix9ine, even recently commenting on the Brooklyn rapper's squashed beef with his other affiliate, Casanova.

Back in March, Fif posed for a photo with 6ix that he later posted on Instagram where Curtis revealed he liked how the unpredictable "Gummo" rapper operates. "The little homies getting big as a motherfvcker," he captioned the photo. "50: l said you can’t be saying all that crazy shit you be saying. 69: said why not you be saying it. 50: l said oh shit you right, fuck it do what you want to do. LOL NY."

Check out Fif's post about 6ix9ine being his son below.

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