50 Cent is convinced 2020 is being controlled by the same people who developed the infamous Fyre Festival. While he doesn't name names, fans in the comments believe they know who he's referring to.

On Sunday night (March 15), 50 hit up his Instagram timeline and posted a meme about the current state of the world this year. "2020 is being managed by the same organizers as Fyre Festival," the post reads.

"Now this shit is starting to make sense.LOL #abcforlife," 50 wrote in the caption.

One of the people who was involved with the notoriously disastrous festival was his foe Ja Rule. Back in 2017, Ja Rule, and his business partner Billy McFarland, faced backlash after attendees arrived to the so-called first-class music festival only to find refugee-style campsites, low-grade meals and no performers. 50 Cent, who performed overseas last year, put the Murder Inc. rapper on full blast after the festival in the Bahamas did not go down the way it was advertised.

"Appoint Ja Rule as secretary of festivals." The Queens mogul captioned the pic, "Can't do nothing right. LOL."

Ja Rule was let off the hook from any wrongdoing in the case. Last November, Ja was dismissed from a major $100 million dollar lawsuit stemming from the Fyre Festival. According to a court order, Judge P. Kevin Castel dismissed both Ja Rule and Fyre Fest’s chief marketing officer Grant Margolin from multi-million dollar lawsuits.

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