50 Cent broke into tears during his interview with Oprah Winfrey last night (June 10) on Oprah’s Next Chapter on her Oprah Winfrey Network.

During a segment in which he talks about his mother and grandmother’s care for him, a single tear rolled down his cheek.

“This is what kind of got me away from them upstairs—The basement,” he explained, showing cameras around his grandma’s basement. “Even though it was small. I was really running away from having to deal with people. I didn’t communicate well with the loss of my mom. I actually never really spoke to anybody about it. She was everything. She was like my mother, my father.  Everything. My grandparents always took care of me.

“My grandmother, she did…everything she could do for me,” added ’Fif, wiping the tear off his face.

From there, the conversation took a turn with Oprah trying to get to the root of the problem between her and 50.

“I would see moments where you would discuss your feelings on the culture and everything that was wrong with the culture was what was on my CD,” 50 told her. “I was like, ‘She doesn’t like me.’”

“You mean like the N-Word, misogynist views against women, violence?” Oprah retorted.

“I was like, ‘She don’t like me.’ If I can’t be your friend, at least let me be your enemy, so we can co-exist,” 50 responded.

Oprah then recalled an infamous quote from 50, dating back to 2006, when he told the Associated Press that Oprah’s show catered to “older White women.”

“When I read that you said that Oprah has all these White women watching her, I felt that was a pointed criticism that for some reason the fact that White women were watching the show,” Winfrey said. “The truth is if you’re in television, you need White people and Black people.”

To that, 50 responded.

“I had to create a reasoning why there was so many White people in the audience,” 50 said. “I was like, ‘You know what they look at? When she says things that they identify with, they think, Oprah’s a billionaire, I think like a billionaire.’”

Part two of Oprah’s interview with 50 is set to air next Sunday at 8 p.m. on OWN.—Mark Lelinwalla

Oprah's Next Chapter | Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson... by Ashley_Miller_3

Oprah's Next Chapter | Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson... by Ashley_Miller_3

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