50 Cent is one talented dude. He's beast on the beats, a master in the board room and it appears as if he might be a eye jammy provider in the boxing ring.

Fif recently took to Instagram to show off his hand skills, posting a video of himself putting in work on the heavy bag in the gym. In the clip, the tank-top rocking south paw lays down some thunderous punches. The sound of the impact echoes loudly in the room as a photographer snaps pics of the workout.

"I'm hitting hard , I ain't turning down no fades," Curits captioned the snippet.

The Queens mogul is no stranger to getting busy in the boxing ring. As a youth, he boxed and was reportedly good enough to compete in the Junior Olympics. Also being friends with arguably the greatest boxer of all time, Floyd Mayweather Jr., we're sure 50 has picked up some pointers along the way as well.

In other 50 Cent related news, the rapper recently launched a new line of undergarments for men with Frigo RevolutionWear. The deal for the collection was inked back in 2014 and revealed to be worth $78 million.

Jackson’s limited edition Crown collection is finally available and only consists of two items: one style of boxer brief and a T-shirt. Both items will cost you $150 a piece. Both items are blue and come emblazoned with a logo of a lion donning a crown.

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