One would be surprised by the number of rappers that actually share the same birthdays. There are quite a few rappers who share the exact same birth date and others that were born five, ten, twenty years apart but on the same day. While some are shocking—with each entertainer entailing opposite personalities—some make perfect sense with the similarities unmistakable.

One of the most stunning discoveries while compiling this gallery was that E-40 and OBD share the same birthday—the two couldn't be more opposite with Ol Dirty Bastard more on the untamed side. Another revelation was that Jadakiss and Andre 3000 were born on the exact same day—May 27, 1975—possibly minutes apart. Will Smith, Childish Gambino & T.I. were all born on September 25th. As all three of the rappers have found success in the music and film worlds simultaneously—there must be something about the Libra sign that makes for great dual entertainers.

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