With 2023 officially here, millions of people are making resolutions for the new year. But 21 Savage is wishing for something more grandiose than a New Year's resolution—he's wishing for the gift of eternity.

On Saturday (Dec. 30), hours before ringing in the New Year, 21 Savage jumped on his Twitter page and made a bold wish. The Her Loss creator wished to be frozen for 98 years so he could see the year 2121, which will obviously coincide with his rap name of 21 Savage.

"I Just Want To Be Alive For 2121 Somebody Freeze Me Right Quick," he tweeted.

Although 21 Savage may be joking, scientists are currently experimenting with ways to cryopreserve human bodies. Particularly, freezing human bodies and preserving their organs for future research.

Nevertheless, if 21 Savage, who is currently 30 years old, lived until the year 2121, he would be 129 years old, which would be impossible to achieve in his lifespan.

After reading 21's tweet, fans on Twitter offered the Atlanta-raised rapper some words of encouragement.

"Only 72 years bro u got this [prayer hands emoji]," tweeted one person.

One fan suggested that 21 Savage invest in the future of young people so they could be able to see the year 2121.

"Bruh. Just stop being a moron and invest in legal business ventures, create a financial account & system that's provides support for the years of young lives who will surely see into the future longer than any of us! Support the music, musicians, artists, creatives who are around," he typed.

Another person warned the "10 Freaky Girls" rhymer that the world as we see it might not be around in 2121 if we don't protect our ecosystem.

"Theres not gonna be much to look at if we keep going the way we are, youll wake up in 2100 like 'where are all the animals' #biodiversity," he tweeted.

Either way, 21 Savage's New Year's wish is a lofty aspiration.

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