2 Milly has had enough. After calling out the makers of Fortnite over the use of his popular Milly Rock dance, the rapper has decided to pursue legal action.

Reps for Milly have reached out to XXL to report the rapper has lawyered up and will be represented by Pierce Bainbridge Beck Price & Hecht LLP. The rapper laid out his claims against Fortnite makers, Epic Games.

"I was never compensated by Epic Games for their use of the Milly Rock," he said in a statement. "They never even asked for my permission. I am thrilled to have David Hecht and his team at Pierce Bainbridge representing me to help right this wrong."

The law firm claims Epic has a history of using artist's likenesses without permission. "This isn't the first time that Epic Games has brazenly misappropriated the likeness of African-American talent," David L. Hecht, partner at Pierce Bainbridge, commented. "Our client Lenwood 'Skip' Hamilton is pursuing similar claims against Epic for use of his likeness in the popular 'Cole Train' character in the Gears of Wars video game franchise. Epic cannot be allowed to continue to take what does not belong to it.”

2 Milly isn't the only rapper to claim his dance has been used without permission. BlocBoy JB made similar claims about his Shoot dance being used back in September.

"EveryTime Somebody Does My Dance Dey Give Credit To @FortniteGame But Dey Ain’t Create Nothing But Da Game So Basically Dey Takin Money And Credit For My Shit Dats Crazy," he wrote on Twitter.

It is unclear if BlocBoy plans to pursue legal action as well.

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