2 Milly burst onto the scene in 2015, with his street anthem "Milly Rock," which helped him land all over radio and social media thanks to the accompanying, easy-to-do dance. While "Milly Rock" still rings out and gave the rapper a legitimate buzz in the New York City area, the Brooklyn native's fans have been patiently waiting on a follow-up track and he finally comes through with "Life of a Hustler,"  which premieres exclusively on XXL today.

Instead of sticking to the anthem formula that took him from an unknown MC to the airwaves, Milly gets more introspective and lays out his dreams and ambitions over the Peoples-produced instrumental.

"I just wish I could bring my niggas back/I'm just tryna sturdy up and make some racks/Make a milly and give my mom's a half of that," he raps.

Milly credits his fans for the inspiration to write a song as personal as "Life of a Hustler."

"What really inspired me to write this song was my fans," he tells XXL. "They would DM me and write, 'Make a song about ya life,' which brought forth the title 'Life of a Hustler.' Mainly just a hustle and struggle to survive. Seeing females who aren't worthy of being around and niggas who just ain't sturdy. I guess my inspirations came from many different lanes on this one."

"Life of a Hustler" will land on the rhymer's upcoming mixtape, Only the Sturdy Survive, which is set to drop this summer. He released his first tape, Welcome 2 Millyville, in January.

"As these next few months are coming, I'm kinda just gearing up and focusing on droppin' my second mixtape," he says. "I'm also dropping tons of unheard music to get those who don't know about 2 Milly familiar with the #Sturdyyy movement. I'm going to build with other artists and give the streets what they want."

Experience 2 Milly's life as a hustler above.

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