With fame and rap stardom comes plenty of new opportunities, and 2 Milly has a hard time passing them up in his new video for "Sleepin'." The clip features PnB Rock, a hotel rendezvous and a less than slick lie that looks like it's about to do him in.

The track first dropped in late August and for 2 Milly, this could be the "Milly Rock" follow-up he's looking for. On collaborating with Philly's PnB, the Bed-Stuy rapper felt he was the "dopest link" for the track. “I feel like harmonizing was something I was blessed with—although I can’t sing," he tells XXL. "I’m a street guy who likes R&B, so I was thinking of someone who was sturdy enough to bring that vibe, but still keep the ‘young nigga talent’ alive at the same time. PnB was the dopest link I could think of. I was just listening to one of his mixtapes RNB2, and I already knew it was going to be a banger."

Check the "Sleepin'" video up top, with the song available to download via iTunes.

Milly recognizes the impact of his first hit single, but has bigger ambitions. “I really make music and it’s not only ‘Milly Rock,’” he said earlier this year. “The people that actually want to buy your music, I know what they want to hear. And then I think about, will this elderly woman allow her child to play this type of music in her house? Well I don’t want to make that song. Let me make something that the elderly is going to allow. So I break it down like that.”

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