Having a hit early can be the gift and the curse. There's instant gratification. But, if you can't regain that magic that once again you will forever be known as a one-hit wonder. Many in the rap world have come and gone after giving us that one "song of the summer" or anthem of the year - especially when said song comes complete with a dance. But 2 Milly, the creator of the ubiquitous "Milly Rock," is out to prove he has staying power. The eOne Music artist recently dropped his new official single "Sleepin" featuring PnB Rock.

The Brooklyn-bred rapper's latest cut comes club ready, incorporating samples from a number of '90s party tracks. Rising artist in his own right PnB Rock kicks the chorus which is sure to get stuck in your head, while Milly brags and boasts about the fruits of his labor.

Milly recognizes the impact of his first hit single, but he has bigger ambitions. “I really make music and it’s not only 'Milly Rock,'” he said earlier this year. “The people that actually want to buy your music, I know what they want to hear. And then I think about, will this elderly woman allow her child to play this type of music in her house? Well I don’t want to make that song. Let me make something that the elderly is going to allow. So I break it down like that.”

Listen to "Sleepin," above.

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