Months after Playboi Carti reintroduced the Milly Rock into pop culture with his hit single "Magnolia," 2 Milly, who originally popularized the dance two years ago with his song "Milly Rock," has served up his own take on Carti's ultra-popular track. Check out the new visual for 2 Milly's "Magnolia" freestyle below.

In the new visual, 2 Milly's performing his signature dance at a basketball court, and a few others join him. On the track itself, he flexes on his haters by flipping Carti's flow and infusing it with his own BK swagger. All together, it feels just right.

2 Milly says it was the fans that motivated him to create his own take on "Magnolia" and shoot a video for it. "What made me wanna shoot that video was the fact that people keep tellin me I should be on the ['Magnolia'] remix or whatever and since that didn't work out, as much as I tried, I felt like that's still what my fans wanted," he tells XXL.

Apparently, 2 Milly's people weren't happy with the lack of Milly Rocking in Carti's video for the track, either. "People talk trash about the other video and say that nobody even does the Milly Rock in it so I'm here to show you the sturdy way," says 2 Milly, who linked up with A Keylo Production when it was time to film the visual.

After a strong 2015 and 2016, 2 Milly's been a bit quiet as of late. He plans to change that soon, though. The first step is to regain his fanbase after the unfortunate hacking of his social media accounts. From there, he'll continue releasing engaging videos before dropping a new project this fall.

"So my plans are to gain my fanbase back (my page was hacked twice on Instagram) and to basically create better visuals and better music which leads up to my EP in October," he says. Sounds like a solid plan.

Peep 2 Milly's new visual below.

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